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Warranty & Return Policy For Exterior Solar Screens

TEXTILENE® solar screen material installed by California Solar Screens includes a Ten-Year Limited warranty.

Items not covered include material pulling away from the spline, screens coming out of the window frame because of an installation error by customer, and grids coming loose from the frame or at riveted junctions in the case of decorative grids.

California Solar Screens, Inc., assumes no responsibility for screen failure due to fire, high winds, or other Acts of God, misuse, handling, building design or foundation shifting. It is also assumed that decorative grids over time will perhaps gradually warp and shift due to variable pressures put on the screen from the window frame contracting and expanding with the seasonal shifts in humidity and handling for cleaning purposes.  Overspray from improperly applied lawn and pest chemicals, certain cleaning solvents, and chemicals from pool cleaning equipment will void the warranty.

If for any reason the solar screen unit fails due to material defect or installation error, California Solar Screens, Inc. will replace and install the screen at no cost.

Return Policy

Unfortunately we do not accept returns as all products are custom made for your windows.  We will however, exercise all means necessary to repair or resolve any issues you may have.