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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Solar Screens?

Solar screens are exterior full length screens that cover the entire glass of your windows and doors. Solar screens shade and reflect the sun's UV rays ultimately not letting the heat touch the window glass.  They absorb heat in the screen and then disperse the heat back into the air away from the glass.

Why buy Solar Screens?

Save money! Solar Screens can lower utility bills by up to 30%. With rising energy costs, even the most efficient air conditioning systems may result in high utility bills. Solar Screens pay for themselves in a very short amount of time.

What are some reasons people install Solar Screens?

  • Exterior Solar Screens stop the heat transfer into the home reducing the indoor temperature up to 15 degrees. It’s like having a shade tree in front of every window in your home or building.

  • Block up to 90% of the visible light heat responsible for almost half of the heat gain into a home or building.

  • Prevent fading of valuable artwork, furnishings and curtains.

  • Provide a degree of daytime privacy. You can easily see out but inward visibility is reduced. Blinds can be left open with very little visibility into your home or building. 

  • Can be easily removed for cleaning.

  • Less dust in your house.
  • Provides a third layer of insulation for double pane windows making them 15% more energy efficient. 

Should I use Solar Screens in the winter?

Yes. Solar Screens create a barrier, keeping the cold winter winds off the glass (similar to a storm window) therefore keeping the temperature of the glass warmer. The warmer you keep the glass, the less convection heat you’ll need. Result: Save Energy & Money!

Why use Solar Screens instead of Tint?

  • Window tint doesn't block as much visible light heat as Solar Screens.

  • With the new lines of clear window films there is a high probability of future window cleaning causing permanent scratches on the tint because the cleaner can't detect its presence.

  • Tint is permanently attached to the window and can’t be removed without considerable time and expense.  

  • May cause thermal shock fracture when installed on insulated glass units because of undetected manufacturing defects of the insulated glass unit itself. The heat and pressure caused by the tint may exasperate the defect.  

  • If not installed correctly the customer can see visible lines and bubbles.  

  • Tint will void the warranty on the majority of manufacturer's window warranties. 


Should I use the 80% or 90% screen material?

Solar Screens material is available in several colors and densities. Densities include 80% and 90%. For more natural light, the 80% material is recommended. For glare reduction and maximum energy efficiency, we recommend the 90% material. Choosing the right density depends on your individual needs.

What is the warranty?

The Solar Screens installed by California Solar Screens are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The screen material includes a Ten-Year Limited warranty.

Please see warranty for full details.

What is the turn around time from the time the order is placed?

Approximately two to three weeks.


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